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Ethical & Auditable Local Carbon Offsetting

BlociCarbon uses Carbon Offset from Local Welsh Farms

Encourages Improved Land Management and more Regenerative Methods

Improves the Control and Transparency of the Carbon Offset available

Matched by Our Award Winning Blockchain Technology – each Carbon Credit Token is matched to its Carbon Offset Provider

Our Website provides Details on the Source of the credit and how it is achieved / calculated

Track your Carbon Credit from Source to Recipient, Viewable Publicly on the Blockchain

Your Contribution is Re-invested in Carbon reduction and Biodiversity schemes by the landowner

The 2 Easy Steps to Offset your Carbon Emissions

Flight Carbon Calculator

Supports different flight classes and types e.g. short / long haul & domestic
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Vehicle Calculator

Calculate the Carbon used travelling by road using various transport modes
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Fuel & Energy Calculator

Use for Electricity, Gas and other fuel types. Also, includes refrigerants
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Bus & Coach Calculator

Calculate the Carbon used travelling by bus or coach

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Coffee Calculator

Supports multiple coffee types and quantities. Perfect for Coffee Shops
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Hotel Stay Calculator

Calculate the CO2 usage of your hotel stay at home or abroad
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Business Trip Calculator

Calculate the Carbon used in the main aspects of your business trip. Ideal for SMEs
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Train Calculator

Calculate the Carbon used travelling by train

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Tree Equivalence Calculator

Ever wondered how many trees equate to set quantity of CO2?
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We Buy Carbon Offset Direct from Welsh Farms

BlociCarbon is partnered with Philip Hughes of Hendwr Farm


This year Hendwr will invest the sale of their surplus carbon offsets to carry out a tree coppicing and hedgerow restoration. Our Blockchain technology addresses concerns about the accountability of existing carbon offsetting processes.

Buy Carbon Credits Today

One kg unit of Carbon Offset is 1kgCO2e @ 8p each

Minimum Order is 15kgCO2e

1000kgCO2e = 1TonneCO2e

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For EcoNFT Marketplace go to Our Sister Site

Bloci Eco NFT Marketplace, uses Blockchain technology to build EcoNFTs for peatland restoration, biodiversity, and environmental improvements from verifiable UK sources.

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