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Carbon Offsetting from Local Welsh Farms

Local Carbon Offsetting with Transparency: From Welsh Farms to Your Footprint - Powered by Blockchain.

Ethical & Auditable Carbon Offsets

BlociCarbon offers a transparent, ethical approach to carbon offsetting in partnership with Welsh farms. Our blockchain technology ensures validation of carbon credits and fosters cyclic reinvestment in carbon reduction and biodiversity.

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Encourages Improved Land Management and more Regenerative Methods
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Improves the Control and Transparency of the Carbon Offset available. Avoids problems such as double counting.
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Track your Carbon Credit from Source to Recipient, Viewable Publicly on the Blockchain
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Our Website provides Details on the Source of the credit and how it is achieved / calculated
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Your Contribution is Re-invested in Carbon reduction and Biodiversity schemes by the landowner
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Matched by Our Award Winning Blockchain Technology – each Carbon Credit Token is matched to its Carbon Offset Provider

A Solution for a Better Future.

BlociCarbon marketplace matches UK farmers that need to sell carbon offsets, with companies that need to buy carbon offsets.

Whatever a company does leaves a Carbon Footprint. This can be Offset by purchasing Carbon to become carbon neutral. Bloci sells carbon offsetting credits from reputable and traceable UK organisations which can be independently verified via the Blockchain.
Buying from Bloci encourages UK farmers to become Carbon Positive and selling their carbon offsets enables others to be carbon neutral.

"An increase in soil organic matter levels by just 0.1% can sequester approximately 8.9 tonnes of CO2 per hectare of land each year"

Four Easy Steps

From Awareness to Action: The 4-Step Carbon Footprint Journey with BlociCarbon using our acronym CROP: Calculate - Reduce - Offset - Publicise

Calculate Your Impact

Determine your environmental impact. Measure accurately to make informed choices. Knowledge is power in the fight against climate change.

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

Minimise emissions, maximise efficiency. Simple actions, big results. Embrace sustainability in daily choices for a healthier planet.

Offset What's Left

Balance your carbon impact. Invest in real eco-initiatives. Every offset contribution aids in restoring our Earth and ensuring a brighter future.

Publicise Your Good Work

Share your green journey. Inspire others to act. Amplify the importance of sustainability and foster collective responsibility.

Calculate Your Carbon

Our range of easy to use calculators will help you understand the environmental impact across a wide range of categories

Flight Carbon Calculator

Supports different flight classes and types e.g. short / long haul & domestic
Click Here

Vehicle Calculator

Calculate the Carbon used travelling by road using various transport modes
Click Here

Fuel & Energy Calculator

Use for Electricity, Gas and other fuel types. Also, includes refrigerants
Click Here

Bus & Coach Calculator

Calculate the Carbon used travelling by bus or coach

Click Here

Coffee Calculator

Supports multiple coffee types and quantities. Perfect for Coffee Shops
Click Here

Hotel Stay Calculator

Calculate the CO2 usage of your hotel stay at home or abroad
Click Here

Business Trip Calculator

Calculate the Carbon used in the main aspects of your business trip. Ideal for SMEs
Click Here

Train Calculator

Calculate the Carbon used travelling by train

Click Here

Tree Equivalence Calculator

Ever wondered how many trees equate to set quantity of CO2?
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