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Hendwr Farm

Hendwr Farm is a fourth generation hill farm in the Dee Valley between Corwen and Bala.

By purchasing a carbon offset you are helping farms like Hendwr continue their work to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the water quality and biodiversity of the Great British Countryside. This year Hendwr will invest the sale of their surplus carbon offsets to carry out a tree coppicing and hedgerow restoration programme on the lowland.

Hendwr farm is a grassland beef and sheep farm that monitors its total greenhouse gas emissions including all of its animals, machinery, feed, fencing and any other inputs.

The farm routinely use the greenhouse gas emissions data to improve their farming practices to further reduce greenhouse emissions increase farm biodiversity, water quality and animal welfare.

The farm also operates a small anaerobic digester to make electric and heat from animal slurry and waste feed resulting in a large electric surplus to provide power outside of the business and eliminate the need to buy in fertiliser for the farm.

The Hughes family are committed to continual improvement and believe if they take care of the environment and their animals great British consumers will continue to support family farms such as Hendwr to continue their good work.

Philip Hughes of Hendwr standing in front of his anaerobic digester
Philip Hughes of Hendwr standing in front of his anaerobic digester

Hendwr's Carbon Calculation Summary

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